ATMC XLIV Berlin 2022

The 44th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting & 24th Committee for Environmental Protection Meeting took place in Berlin in May 2022.

elakustik was responsible for the conference & simultaneous interpretation technology. A total of 3 Bosch DICENTIS systems with PTZ camera tracking were used. The total of 150 Bosch DCNM-DE microphone units were linked to around 30 Avonic AV-CM-70-NDI PTZ cameras. When the microphone button was pressed, the linked camera position was automatically called up and switched live. The systems were supplemented with 8 interpreting booths and a total of 16 Bosch DCNM-IDESKVID interpreting consoles in accordance with the latest ISO standard. The participants were able to pick up the language channels directly via headphones at the microphone unit.

An Integrus infrared system with 240 receivers was provided for additional listeners.

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