G7 Foreign Ministers 2022 Weissenhaus

Weissenhaus Castle has been selected for the first meeting of the most important western industrialized nations in 2022 from 12 – 14 May. Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort is an estate with an area of 75 hectares and, in addition to the castle, houses many other buildings that can be used for a conference of this size. For the conferences in the castle, we equipped 3 conference areas with conference, video and interpreting technology, whereby the entire control system had to be realized via a control room at a distance of approx. 100 m. This outbuilding also provided space for 22 interpreting booths, which were required for interpreting in the castle and in the press area approx. 300 m away. About 1 km away was the third location, the boathouse, where we installed a conference area with fully automated cameras for the G7 dinner. The control system and a further 16 interpreter booths were located in a temporary building behind the house.

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